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We use only the safest products so that anyone can enjoy a salon experience.

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RWBC uses only non-toxic, plant-based hair products that also support the rainforests and sustainability. We are so used to slicking silicones and plastics on our hair which over time creates build up and weakens our hair causing breakage and scalp disorders. Natural products help to strip away those plastics and chemicals and reveal the true health of your hair in which we can address to get you on a path of truly healthy, strong hair. RWBC also takes a whole-body approach to WHY your hair is in the condition it is in and what we can do to restore it. Our skin is our largest organ. Whatever touches our skin can be absorbed and goes straight into the bloodstream. Even worse, many mainstream products contain ingredients which are neurotoxins. Neurotoxins have the capability of crossing the blood-brain barrier, causing direct damage to your brain and nerves. Surely you don't want these things on your scalp! RWBC uses product free of non-water soluble silicones, gluten, parabens, all toxins, and known carcinogens, artificial fragrances, artificial dyes, phthalates, and the list goes on.

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At RWBC there truly is no compromise. Maria's studio proudly carries the like Bio-seaweed Gel which is the Big-5 Free. This means that it doesn't contain any of the harsh formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or camphor. There is zero dehydration, staining or weakening of the natural nails. Regardless of the frequency of wear, BSG does not damage the natural nails. BSG is formulated to promote natural nail growth and shine. BSG is water-based and enriched with vitamins and minerals to promote overall nail strengthening. Choose from over 70 colors and even jazz it up with gems, glitter or nail art. 

With a nail service, Maria is able to see your natural nails, letting her look for signs of health and mineral deficiencies. In Chinese Medicine, each finger or toe is correlated to a certain organ and emotion. Our nails show a reflection of what's going on inside.

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Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, and Aluminum are just a few of the heavy metals found in cosmetics and makeup. The scary part is, they are some of the primary ingredients in makeup.

Cosmetic is designed to penetrate into the skin and scientists have found many ingredients commonly found in cosmetics in the tissues of humans. This includes phthalates in urine, preservatives called parabens in breast tumor tissue and fragrance components finding storage in human fat. Not all mineral makeup is created equal though. Other concerns are talc and nano-particles. RWBC uses a combination of two lines. Rejuva Minerals is vegan-friendly and talc free.

Their makeup does not contain gluten-derived ingredients. All ingredients have been checked and passed free of nanoparticles. Rejuva's products even undergo micro challenge testing to ensure the products are bacteria, yeast and mold free. Their ingredients have been screened and certified to ensure that they are free from Behavioral toxins, Carcinogens, Developmental toxins, Endocrine disruptors, Fire retardants, Heavy metals, Neurotoxins, High-risk pesticides, Reproductive toxins, Toxic solvents, and Harmful VOCs.

Larenim's is a 100% mineral line. This makeup lines minerals are light refractive and take on a "glow" after heating up on your skin, creating a beautiful, naturally healthy look. Their makeup is not drying, irritating or toxic to your skin. It also does not contain talc, dyes, oils, or chemicals, which cause enlarging of pores. "Talc, which is similar to asbestos, can permanently stretch the pore wall and leach moisture from the skin, yet is used in most commercial makeup including those for oily skin." - Larenim

The minerals they use help seal moisture in the skin while mattifying oil. These minerals are naturally soothing and healing for inflamed skin. These minerals will not harbor bacteria, which is important for preventing breakouts.

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RWBC uses Non-Paraffin Honey Wax for the face. Sugar Wax is used for body waxing and is literally what it sounds like. Consisting of mostly organic cane sugar, lemon juice, essential oils, and distilled water, this wax is gentle, non-toxic, and vegan-friendly. It leaves no wax residue because it washes away with just soap and water! Sugar wax works best on fairly grown-out hair, which is why It is great for body waxing! 


Wedding & Event Hair

I specialize in wedding and event hair! I have the pleasure of working with 2 top teams! Please contact The Bridal Beauty Team or Black Orchid Beauty and tell them Maria Harkleroad referred you!

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