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Understanding how energy and polarity work and how it is the basis of energy work and MRT

Polarity and Electricity of Cells

I have to start out by getting all science-e with you guys. People like facts and we like to know that there is a scientific backing to "prove" things. So I'm giving you what you asked for. You're welcome... (; This is proof as well that we don't practice "pseudo-science" or "quackery." If you care enough to prove me wrong, there are lots of studies out there, so good luck. Energy medicine is the same thing as laser surgery, x-rays, batteries, cellphones, etc. There is an indefinite, undeniable energy/frequency existence all around us. It is even what keeps us from not separating into trillions of molecules.

Energy is the ability to do work or to put matter into motion. There is Kinetic and Potential energy. Kinetic is the energy of movement, whereas Potential is energy waiting to be released. There is also Potential Chemical Energy, which is energy stored in chemical bonds. The next subcategory are Elements, Compounds and Molecules. Elements are made up of like atoms and can neither be created nor destroyed. They're the things we have available to work with (ex. metals). Compounds are elements combined in definite proportion by weight to form new substances. These are Molecules that contain more than one element. A Negative ion is from a non-metal.

An Atom is the smallest piece of an element, which is made up of subatomic particles; protons (+), Neutrons, and Electrons (-). Our body is made up of about 7 x 1027 atoms. Each atom has an electron shell/cloud where negative electrons swirl around.

Elements, Compounds and Molecules are the next subcategory. Elements are made up of like atoms and can neither be created nor destroyed, the things we have available to make things with (ex. metals). Compounds are elements combined in definite proportion by weight to form new substances. These are Molecules that contain more than one element.

To fully understand how we are made up of atoms that stick together we have to understand chemical bonds, negative and positive polarity and energy. Energy is motion, so it is always moving/vibrating. That means that all of our atoms/cells/etc. and all of matter is constantly vibrating.

Atoms stick together by chemical bonds. A Cation has a positive polarity and gives up an electron. An Anion has a negative polarity and accepts the electron. The action of one atom giving up and electron to another atom is an Ionic bond. In a Covalent bond is a strong bond where atoms share the electrons. Hydrogen bonds are a weak bond that helps hold water molecules together and create surface tension.

I am not going to get all the way into it, but Electrolytes are made up of elements (salts, acids, and bases) which ionize when dissolved into water. Electrolytes can conduct an electrical charge. Salts are anything that ionizes or breaks into ions when mixed into water. A positively charged ion is always from a metal and a negative ion is from a non-metal.

As an example of a bond, a sodium ion has a positive polarity a chloride ion has a negative polarity. This negative and positive combination pulls the ions together and that's how they bond.

In the context of a cell, the inside of a cell is much more negative and the outside of a cell is positive.

Cells have a Mitochondria, which is the center where cellular respiration and energy production occurs. The energy it produces is called ATP. ATP is a high energy molecule that can be broken apart to produce energy. ATP then gets broken down into ADP and when we release that phosphate bond we use the energy from that to power our cellular activity.

Our nerves also carry impulses by creating electric charges, called Membrane Excitability. There is a difference in electrical potential between the interior and exterior of a cell, like I had mentioned Previously. This is called Membrane Potential. Resting potential is when the Membrane Potential of a neuron is not being stimulated. All Neurons are polarized and rest at -70mV. The outside of the cell is usually positive while the inside is negative. There is a pattern here, don't you see it? Everything has magnetic polarity.

Along the length of a cell is a Plasma Membrane, which has an interior channel called the Sodium-Potassium Pump. The S-P Pump is an exchange pump fueled by ATP. It exchanges 3Na+ out for every 2K+ in. The Leak Channel, a positive Channel works together with the S-P Pump to make more sodium on the inside of a cell and more potassium on the outside.

I could keep going on how the functions work, but I think you're getting the idea.

To sum it up, everything is made up of subatomic particles that make up atoms. These atoms are constantly vibrating because of the energy they contain, created by chemical bonds through the exchange or sharing of electrons or the pull of negative and positive polarity together. Sometimes the polarity can be switched and we need to rebalance it. This is how every MRT session is started to get the most accurate results.

To learn more about energy and polarity check these out...


"Chemistry of Living Things," 2017-18, HP110 Body Structures and Functions course, trinityschoolofnaturalhealth.com

Ann Senisi Scott, MS, RD and Elizabeth Fong, MS, RD, Body Structures and Functions 13e

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