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Muscle Response Testing (MRT) Applied Kinesiology

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

A few years ago, before I had attended school at Trinity School of Natural Health, I had a client from the salon who became very ill. I had to go do house-calls for her because she could no longer come into the salon. It's not a kind of illness you encounter every day, but her body stuffed so much stress down, that it suppressed illness, until she retired. All of a sudden she could not be around anything with electromagnetic radiation, electrical heat, or ANYTHING scented. She was also very sensitive to foods and many other things. She had a full blown auto-immune disorder and her body went into anaphylactic shock if it encountered any of these things. I had to come to her house with absolutely no fragrances, including what I used to shower. She continued to tell me about this "Magic" Naturopathic Practitioner she was now seeing whom could tell if she has an allergy to something, just by her holding onto it. I was incredibly intrigued. I knew there was something so special to learn in becoming a Naturopath, something I had dreamed of doing for years. By the way, that client is doing light-years better now.

I wasn't previously aware of applied kinesiology, but I jumped up and down in screaming joy when I found out within the first 2 weeks of school that I was learning the very thing that "Magic" Naturopath was doing! I didn't understand how it could be one of the first modalities I had the privilege to learn, until I found out how beneficial it is to know right away. It truly is a game changer. At first, it can be hard to believe, its certainly hard to believe in yourself, but then, when you get flawless answers and they are also confirmed by other methods, you soon become an enthusiastic believer in the method!

But how does applied Kinesiology, or MRT work?

Everything has a negative and positive polarity which just refers to the direction the current is flowing. No matter how many times you divide something, each piece has its own negative and positive polarity side. All organisms have electrical currents, which have been measured and proven by science. Electromagnetic fields are created by electrical currents. The beauty of it is, electromagnetic fields, which is not visible to the naked eye, influences things that we can see, hear and feel. Such as a phone call. Muscles respond to electric current. The nature of the electric current in our bodies reflects the health or disease of specific organs and organ systems. We are conductors, so there for, we are surrounded by an electromagnetic field, called our biofield, which is related to our own current, which is reflected by our bodies health. Because our bodies muscles respond to electrical current, when we stimulate a weakened organ, or by putting something in our biofield in which will weaken our current, or body, we short circuit the current and get what is called a "weak response," and can be felt as a limpness or loss of strength in our ability to hold a position with our muscles. Think of how the lights turn off when you flip off a switch. The same thing is happening here.

Read more on the science behind that here.

Many things can affect the currents in our body. Emotions and thoughts are hugely altering our current all the time. This is how the lie detectors work. We believe in Lie Detectors, cellphone calls, light switches and batteries right? Then why wouldn't we believe in MRT? It's the same thing! In this case, it's our own body that is the conductor. By the way, if a light bulb just went off in your head (no pun intended), then yes, you are correct, you technically could use MRT to "lie detect." I have been tempted to test it out!

According to Felicia Santelli's blog on MRT, she notes, "When your body hears truth, it is strengthened; and when it hears a lie, it is weakened. Your subconscious monitors and maintains all operations within your body and it can easily hear spoken words and it will respond to them. Actually, it also responds to thoughts, which is why both tester and testee should maintain a neutral thought pattern so as not to adversely affect the MRT responses." This is why it is also important when MRT'ing to not be too emotionally invested in the answers because it could alter the response based on your own preferences. Sometimes this makes it hard to test a spouse. A lot of times this is why a practitioner does not always tell their client what they are testing and why, until the end. Our body works as a whole system. That includes thoughts and emotions. We can store emotions in our organs and emotions, which effects its health and can show up on MRT too.

Along with that, our bodies will try to heal its own tissue, so it sends localized blood or an inflammation response to the areas in need which creates a flow of electrical energy in that area. This is how practitioners can also detect or feel areas that are in distress. Usually it radiates more heat and can be felt by placing the hand slightly above that area.

You see, it truly is science. No magic or witchery here!

In Chinese Medicine, our currents flow along meridians all over are body and have been mapped out. Think of it like, we have electrical wires flowing all through our body, connecting from one side to the other. This is why you could have an issue in an area on your backside, but lay flat on your back and be poked by acupuncture needles on the front side and still feel it in your distressed area on the backside. Each acupuncture point contains electrical potential. This is why I could press an MRT point on your body that correlated to a specific organ, system or condition and could short circuit it. However, that area could also have a strong response. This indicates vitality in that correlated organ or condition, or confirms that something strengthened the energy flow.

Remote MRT

Have you ever heart of energy work? Maybe it's something you shy away from. Do you talk on the phone? Have you ever thought about someone and then get a call or message from them? Ever think a really random thought and then all of a sudden the person you're with says the same exact thing? I think we all have. Well congratulations, you've participated in energy work.

In quantum physics, everything is energy and everything is always moving. Because of this, and because we are humans with souls, we are able to literally send energy. We are all connected. everything is connected in this big web. We say it and know it without even realizing it. We say "Sending prayers your way," or "Sending love." When in reality, we truly are sending it to them. Energy can be sent like an arrow shot to them with a string attached from yourself. You can read up on that better here, but I just wanted to explain that Remote MRT works the same way. We are able to connect to someone else's energy by focusing our attention on them. With this, our subconscious mind connects, and I can MRT that person, with permission, from anywhere in the world. It's just like a cellphone frequency going up, hitting the satellite and then hitting the person.

MRTing Pets and Babies

Believe it our not, we can even MRT pets and babies! I honestly love to MRT pets MORE than humans. It is so fascinating to learn about your pets and get clarification on what is going on with them without having to get a check up done every time. Now, don't excuse this for checkups though, we are not doing any diagnoses here. I am just talking from my own experience. The first time I did the MRT test on my dog, I got so much out of it. The questions I asked had very clear answers. I found out the exact amount of Dr. Harvey's Multivitamin and Mineral supplement to give him, that biting his leg and skipping on his back leg isn't because of Arthritis, but he does have joint inflammation, and I even found out that he feels abandoned when we leave the house and is not sure if we will return. I can MRT to confirm these responses by testing things that would make them better. For example, if I know that a fish oil or Omega supplement would help with inflammation and itching, I could MRT my dog with the supplement to see if that would help. P.S if you want to buy the fish oil/Omega supplement I use for my dog, create an account on my Fullscript page and I will hook you up.

If alone, I can MRT a pet or baby by connecting our energy by holding onto them or wrapping my arm around them, and then testing myself (with one of the many muscle strength tests available to use). If you have someone around, it can be done by using that other person as the surrogate. They touch or hold onto the pet or baby and that makes them connect energy. This is the same as when people hold hand and the first person gets shocked and then the last person in the line ends up feeling the shock. It's like a circuit board. The energy travels through.

I hope you find this intriguing and don't forget you can schedule an appointment for a Holistic Health Consultation with me. I won't turn anyone down so just shoot me a message. I am eager to help you!

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For more information, check out these resources:

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