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Juice-pulp Granola

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Juicing can seem like such a waste right? Here you are drinking an entire produce shopping trip in one glass and then throwing out all the pulp. Well... if that's what you are doing I'm here to tell you you're doing it all wrong. Kidding, you're doing the right thing juicing... but what if I told you I had a great solution for no-waste juicing, and to extend the life of your juicing produce? Keep reading... I'll show you the ropes.

Better yet, let me give you a recipe I created to not only have a no-waste juicing experience, but to get a lower calorie, high fiber, no guilt, oil-free, raw, granola.

First things first, juicing is beneficial for a plethora of things from great skin, caffeine-free energy, gut healing, colds and flus, vitamin therapy, and more. It gives a mega dose of essential vitamins and minerals straight to our cells. Not to mention it is extremely hydrating. When the gut is in a really vulnerable state, sometimes removing the fiber can be really helpful because juice requires no digestion. However, it is still important for people to turn on digestion, so just like your food, you should chew every gulp of juice before it goes down. This stimulates the salivary glands in your mouth to produce enzymes which is essential for absorption of nutrients, digestion and every other bodily function. Chewing also signals the stomach to produce HCL. Fiber is also essential for digestion and bowel elimination. You want to have regular bowel movements throughout the day because that is the main way your body eliminates toxins. Fiber sweeps the elementary tract like a broom and keeps the walls clean so nothing is sitting in there fermenting. You know what happens when things ferment. My point is, juice pulp is all the fiber from the plant, and you can use it to your advantage for snacking later on!

Before I get to the granola recipe, I promised you a tip to extend the life of your juice from juicing. I guess you could say I'm watering down the truth... but with the best intensions. What I mean by this is... add 1/2 juice, 1/2 pineapple or aloe coconut water from Aldis (they're the cheapest! STOCK UP!). Coconut water is incredibly hydrating and amazing for your skin too. It also makes for a sweater, better tasting green juice without needing to add extra fruit. If you can find the coconut water with aloe, even better. Aloe soothes and heals everything it touches. P.s., I like to add a tsp(or more) spirulina to my juices. Spirulina is one of my top superfoods, which you can read about here, and it also adds some protein and vegan omega-3s to the juice, helping to lower your chance of a blood sugar spike, make you more satisfied from your juice as breakfast since you removed the fiber, and I just want to get my daily-fix of spirulina in. Plus if you're eating vegan, you need to get protein in wherever you can, because vegans require almost 2x the amount of protein as meat-eaters.

OKAY, OKAY...!!! I know. You're getting anxious! I won't keep you waiting any longer. So here it is, my custom juice-pulp granola... and by the way, I make it a little different every time, so play around with it, and don't be exact, be foodi-licious artist-ica… okay that was a stretch. See recipe in the scroll box below the photos.

P.s. I use this food processor, its an attachment to my high-speed blender. I use this blender and all of it's attachments several times/day and I am not sure how I'd live without it now! I reference it in a lot of my blogs and recipe posts online.

This is the juicer I use, because slow-masticating is the best type of juicer, and this one is affordable, easy to clean, and fits under my cabinets.



Juice Pulp Granola

Snack • Vegetarian


Serving size: 6-12

Prep time: 40 mins

Cook time: 12 hours



2 Cups Juice pulp (base of beetroot and carrots, with the option to add ginger, turmeric, citrus fruits, pineaple, etc.)

6-10 dried, soft, pitted, medule dates

1/2-1 cup juice, I like to use Tart Cherry Juice

Helpful, but optional additions:

1/3 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut

Tbs Cinnamon

Raw seeds

sprouted, organic, gluten-free oats

Frozen berries and cherries

vegan protein powder


  1. Juice the fruits and veggies and transfer the pulp to a food processor.

  2. Add in all the other ingredients.

  3. Process/blend until everything is broken down.

  4. Transfer to food dehydrator sheets. Spread it out and then break it up with a spoon, or drop it in clumps.

  5. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 12 hours, or however long it takes to dry-out and preserve your granola.

  6. Break it apart and place it in a container to enjoy now and later!

Tip: Don't use stringy-fiber pulp from things like celery. You will regret it.

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