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15 Tips and Tricks to Traveling - from a Naturopath

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

First of all, always come prepared.

That is key.

It is still obtainable to keep a healthy lifestyle when traveling.

1. It's OK to indulge on Vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, I still go into vacation mode and make some sweet indulgences along the way. But when I do, I make the choice, accept it and own it. If you’re going to make half a cheat, make the whole cheat and then leave it at that.

For example,

if you want a desert and you tell yourself you’re just going to have one bite, then you will sit there non-stop thinking about the rest of that dessert. If you “deprive yourself,” you will only obsessively think about it. It will cause you to crack and over indulge later! Just eat the whole thing, move on and let it go. Just don’t keep eating more of them. Try to eat a lot of fresh whole foods the rest of the night.

But to set yourself up for the most success, try these tips and tricks. I promise you they will save you money, sanity, your lifestyle and change the game for you.

2. Bring your own stainless steal or glass water bottle/mug and straw.

You have to bring it in empty through customs and security, but when you get past the gate, you can fill it up at the bubbler. If you’re really particular about your water source, ask at Starbucks if they can fill it up with hot or cold water for you. The reason why Starbucks flavor is so consistent and unique where ever you go is because they use reverse osmosis water. Another nice thing about having your own mug or tumbler is it has a lid. Although a little pricier for YETI, they are the most reliable for keeping your drink hot or cold for the longest time. I also suggest having a water bottle with a built in filter so that you don't have to worry about getting sick from their water! When you're in the pool you don't have to worry about someone splashing chlorine pee water in your drink, if you have a lid. I noticed at my last resort stay too that they went straw free to be more eco friendly and used reusable cups by the pools that you weren't allowed to throw away! That is awesome! I love that all over the world people and businesses are taking a stance! It SAVES US MONEY to be eco friendly and use re-usable stuff. That's why I love these straws

and these ones! It came in really handy when I was hankering for a straw with my drink.

3. Pack detox tea bags.

To tag along on that. I like to bring my own tea bags with me and just get hot water from Starbucks if I'm at the airport! If you want to actually order something from Starbucks though, my top choices are London fog with frothed almond milk, unsweetened, a café misto with unsweetened coconut milk (decaf, half caf., or regular) or herbal tea with honey. An easy way to help counter some of the drink or food is to pack

detox tea. This helps stimulate your liver and clear things out.

4. Pack your own sweetener.

I bring my own sweet leaf drops. This chocolate flavor is the BOMB! If you get a café misto with coconut milk (optional add cinnamon), the coconut milk actually gives it a mild sweetness on its own, but if you need more these sweet leaf drops are perfect. You get to enjoy a “latte” with out the added caffeine, sugar or dairy but with all the flavor and half the cost! It is also great like an iced coffee! Avoid getting flavored lattes because they are loaded with simple syrups. Instead, if you don't like the stevia options, opt for a honey latte instead.

Side note: Starbucks matcha mix has a ton of sugar in it, even before they add the syrup. It’s literally in their green tea powder mix.

I always come prepared with my own sweetener. This goes for anywhere I go in general. It is really easy to take SweetLeaf packets or thrive market stevia leaf packets or the