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15 Tips and Tricks to Traveling - from a Naturopath

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

First of all, always come prepared.

That is key.

It is still obtainable to keep a healthy lifestyle when traveling.

1. It's OK to indulge on Vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, I still go into vacation mode and make some sweet indulgences along the way. But when I do, I make the choice, accept it and own it. If you’re going to make half a cheat, make the whole cheat and then leave it at that.

For example,

if you want a desert and you tell yourself you’re just going to have one bite, then you will sit there non-stop thinking about the rest of that dessert. If you “deprive yourself,” you will only obsessively think about it. It will cause you to crack and over indulge later! Just eat the whole thing, move on and let it go. Just don’t keep eating more of them. Try to eat a lot of fresh whole foods the rest of the night.

But to set yourself up for the most success, try these tips and tricks. I promise you they will save you money, sanity, your lifestyle and change the game for you.

2. Bring your own stainless steal or glass water bottle/mug and straw.

You have to bring it in empty through customs and security, but when you get past the gate, you can fill it up at the bubbler. If you’re really particular about your water source, ask at Starbucks if they can fill it up with hot or cold water for you. The reason why Starbucks flavor is so consistent and unique where ever you go is because they use reverse osmosis water. Another nice thing about having your own mug or tumbler is it has a lid. Although a little pricier for YETI, they are the most reliable for keeping your drink hot or cold for the longest time. I also suggest having a water bottle with a built in filter so that you don't have to worry about getting sick from their water! When you're in the pool you don't have to worry about someone splashing chlorine pee water in your drink, if you have a lid. I noticed at my last resort stay too that they went straw free to be more eco friendly and used reusable cups by the pools that you weren't allowed to throw away! That is awesome! I love that all over the world people and businesses are taking a stance! It SAVES US MONEY to be eco friendly and use re-usable stuff. That's why I love these straws

and these ones! It came in really handy when I was hankering for a straw with my drink.

3. Pack detox tea bags.

To tag along on that. I like to bring my own tea bags with me and just get hot water from Starbucks if I'm at the airport! If you want to actually order something from Starbucks though, my top choices are London fog with frothed almond milk, unsweetened, a café misto with unsweetened coconut milk (decaf, half caf., or regular) or herbal tea with honey. An easy way to help counter some of the drink or food is to pack

detox tea. This helps stimulate your liver and clear things out.

4. Pack your own sweetener.

I bring my own sweet leaf drops. This chocolate flavor is the BOMB! If you get a café misto with coconut milk (optional add cinnamon), the coconut milk actually gives it a mild sweetness on its own, but if you need more these sweet leaf drops are perfect. You get to enjoy a “latte” with out the added caffeine, sugar or dairy but with all the flavor and half the cost! It is also great like an iced coffee! Avoid getting flavored lattes because they are loaded with simple syrups. Instead, if you don't like the stevia options, opt for a honey latte instead.

Side note: Starbucks matcha mix has a ton of sugar in it, even before they add the syrup. It’s literally in their green tea powder mix.

I always come prepared with my own sweetener. This goes for anywhere I go in general. It is really easy to take SweetLeaf packets or thrive market stevia leaf packets or the liquid flavored drops wherever you go. They pack easy in your pocket, purse or bag.

5. pack a bag of your own snacks.

Anything that isn’t liquid over 3.5 oz gets through in your “personal item.” I have literally packed a bag of mini cucumbers before. You’d be shocked on what I have brought through for airplane snacks from home. This way you can maintain a good blood sugar with out crashing and eating fast junk or the plain ride snacks. This also goes for road trips!!! Some Ideas of perfect things to bring are: a baggie of homemade soaked and dehydrated trail mix of nuts and dried fruit or pure dark chocolate or just nuts and seeds, hard boiled eggs, chopped veggies cucumbers and baby carrot sticks, organic green apples, Simple Mills Almond Flower Crackers, plantain chips, paleo grass-fed beef or turkey sticks, bone broth packets, etc.

6. Essential Oils

This is a new one I tried on my last trip: Essential Oils! I’m not talking about some aromatherapy (although I do recommend it for calming anxiety for flights/energy/burn relief, etc.). You know how the flight attendant asks you what you want to drink? Well I can tell ya what…. There cranberry juice or tomato juice sounds healthy, but its loaded with corn syrup and other junk. Instead ask for a seltzer water or club soda and add 1-2 drops of lime essential oil to it! It not only smells like a margarita, but add some tequila and it pretty much is…. Yummo!! Are you catching my next tip here…? ;) When you are drinking at the resort, restaurant, work meeting, cruise or whatever, opt for a tequila and seltzer with limes! Tequila is gluten free and actually has SOME health benefits. The seltzer has no sugar or calories like tonic or soda and you can doctor it up with several squeezed limes or lime essential oil (my new favorite!!!!) and you have a very refreshing frisky drink! When I want it a little more intense like a margarita, I ask for the same thing but with FRESH lime juice…a.k.a, not a premix! I personally do get a salted rim, it's just not a margarita without it. If you don’t drink or are pregnant just get it without the tequila. It will make you feel like you’re having a cocktail without missing out! It is so refreshing! It is important to note that you have to use pure essential oils unmixed with fillers, chemicals, etc.

7. When in doubt, default burrito bowl.

When you do need a meal at the airport or on the road, find a taco/burrito place. Usually you can get a taco salad/burrito bowl without the shell. My favorite low carb, anti-inflammatory, dairy free blend is: lettuce, fajita peppers (or grilled veggie mix), grilled chicken (or skip if vegan, and don’t go with the impossible “vegan” meat because its also made of junk), guacamole, and 2 scoops of pico or a few different types of salsas, and cilantro. This is filling and satisfying with the meat and guac and will keep you with real foods that aren’t so inflammatory. It may not be organic, but we can’t always be perfect or so rigid. A girls gotta eat. When at these places, I skip the rice and beans usually. Sometimes I get a half a scoop of rice. I do this for other health and digestive reasons. Some offer quinoa and sweet potato chunks which also could be a healthy, filling addition. I don’t know where your diet is at and what preferences you follow, so you choose whether those things are suitable for you or not. Other places to default to would be breakfast places for eggs, fruit, and avocado - (hold the toast, pancakes and syrup!!), vegan cafes (they usually offer fresher raw food choices, avoid the soy though!), and indian, asian, pacific food places that offer meals with a lot of veggies and curries (usually dairy free).

8. Utilize to-go packets.

Another way to save money and have dairy free creamer with out paying the extra dollar at the coffee shops is to bring a small container with you of this Keto creamer. I absolutely LOVE the vanilla flavor. I actually stopped drinking coffee for awhile and then tried some of this creamer and then got hooked on my morning cup-a-joe again because I just wanted the creamer. It is sweetened with coconut sugar so no extra sweetener is needed. It is very sweet on its own. Bonus: it has MCT oil in it which is amazing for your brain and energy levels and to keep you satiated on a morning fast! I also avoid soy. So I will even pack these

coconut aminos packets with me incase we end up going out for asian food! Coconut aminos are a great alternative to soy without sacrificing flavor! I actually think it tastes a lot better! If you're going somewhere hot and dry or doing lots of hiking, or drinking alcohol, it is important to stay hydrated. That's why I wanted to mention my favorite electrolyte packets. These Dr. Price Electrolytes are my favorite flavor and will replenish your reserves, drive in more H2O and does not contain the added junk!

9. Ginger

My next tip, for dizziness, nausea or to calm digestive issues, pack ginger. You have 4 great options here. The actual root diced up, as a tea, Dramamine brand of ginger pills or again, the essential oil. You can either ingest it, smell it, or put the essential oil or raw ginger in your belly button… yea that’s right. In your belly button! It works. I believe it is a Chinese medicine thing.

10. Sanitizer

As sanitizer, to wipe things down, avoid getting sick, or to avoid using toxic soaps, I use

this hand sanitizer or I make my own with this. We wash our hands constantly in public with toxic soaps that are antibacterial. Those kill all of the healthy, beneficial microbes on our skin and dry us out. There are a lot of testimonies that certain blends of essential oils prevent illness and kill germs.

11. Choose Gum Wisely.

If you need gum for the flight or to calm anxiousness, I love this brand and

the thrive market brand. I find that they are the cleanest, taste the best and last the longest for natural gum. It is helpful for the plane or to keep your jaw busy so that you avoid grazing on all of the open buffets at resorts and cruises. It is important to chose your gum wisely because mainstream gum has aspartame, sugar, artificial sweeteners and other junk.

12. Pack your own Shampoo & Conditioner.

For your shampoo, this shampoo bar is GREAT for travel! I also like the travel size shampoos in this brand and this brand. Why compromise your hair and skin while you're away? Artificial fragrances are so damaging to our brains, and reproductive organs, along with all the other chemicals in cheap shampoos.

13. Do not use mainstream Sunscreen!

I am allergic to mainstream sunscreen. I am fortunate that my body lets me know when things aren't good for me. Not everyones bodies do, so they don't change what they use because they aren't aware that it's hurting them. Choose sunscreens that are zinc based. I like the tinted ones like this. The tint helps reduce the white cast zinc sunscreens can leave. It is a myth that you need to use 50+ spf too. The higher the spf, the more chemicals are in the sunscreen. The best thing is to use 15-30 spf and reapply every half hour. You are more likely to get skin cancer from sunscreen than you are from the sun.

I like to pack light, so that means saving space by using multi use stuff. This oil serves as your aloe for sunburn or your lotion/moisturizer. It last a long time on your skin too! It feels soo smooth. you may purchase some from me directly too. You can also use lavender essential oil on burns and to calm and relax you if you’re a nervous flyer or have a meeting/conference you’re anxious about.

14. Incorporate movement where ever you go.

If you have a 2 hour layover in the airport, take laps/walk stairs. If you’re at a conference, go for a walk outside the building during your breaks or climb the hotel stairways. Get up early and hit the free gym, or use the Mind Body App and hit up a free first time pilates, yoga or barre class! Pick excursions that are active, choose to take a bike tour or rent bubbler or lime bikes and stroll the town, city or board walk. If you’re at a beach, walk or run bare-foot in the sand. This is a great way to ground yourself and let go of pent-up energy/electromagnetic radiation. Your bare feet touching the sand and being near the waves or the ocean take that toxic energy and shoots it to the core of the earth, leaving you in a more peaceful, energized state. Sometime you can even find free public workout classes in parks and city centers. One way to find these is by searching the local facebook events.

15. Pack your own pillow case.

This sounds silly, but think about it. Your face is folded into a pillow where you are directly inhaling artificial fragrances, bleach and chemicals from the constant washing and sanitation. Packing your own pillow case helps reduce the contact and inhalation of these toxic substances /skin irritants. It also gives you the piece of mind that it is clean. This only works of course if you are using non-toxic and fragrance free detergent.

This one is the best thing ever.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and product recommendations! I do make a small commission on some of the Amazon items if you were to purchase any. However, these are all items I love and use myself...well before the opportunity to share them with you! To purchase products from Nutritional Frontiers use my name (Maria Harkleroad) as your practitioner or contact me. Contact me for essential oils from Nutritional Resources.

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