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10+ Ways RWBC is Eco-Friendly

Wednesday April 22 is Earth Day. I am thankful for a designated day when people all over the world put in extra effort to clean up the beaches and highways, and donate to water conservation. Humans are responsible for mass-pollution, and we need to take responsibility for our actions. It is so important that we do what we can, wherever we can, to protect and conserve our environment. You can read The Importance Of Eco-Friendly Environment here.

Rooted Wellness + Beauty Collective, LLC, takes pride in the fact that we celebrate Earth Day all year long. Salons are a hot-spot for more than hot hair...they have a HUGE impact on pollution. EarthWise stated in their Blog Post, "The environmental impacts of hair salons," that "Hair salons have a certain fragrance. You always know when you’re in one. No surprise, since nearly 5000 chemicals are listed as products for hair care, including 3300 synthetic compounds. Beyond the shampoo and conditioner, there are hair dyes, oils, propellants, and various sprays to keep hair in place." That is why I take all the precautions I can, to have a low-waste, eco-friendly salon. Read on to see 10+ ways RWBC achieves this...

1. Reduced Plastic Use

When getting the necessary supplies, furniture, and décor for the salon, I avoided plastic at all costs, that even means if it costed me more. Look around the studio, and you will notice almost everything made from metal, wood, fabric and other sustainable materials, but not much from plastic if I could help it. This includes everything from glass mixing bowls, wooden hair-color brushes, metal, wood and fabric boxes and containers.

2. Products Made With Wind-Power, Recycled Packaging, and are Recyclable

Neuma, which is one of my lines, uses only environmentally responsible ingredients, in 95% post consumer soft touch bottles that start as recycled milk jugs, they promote paperless operations using only 100% post-consumer recycled materials and are 100% Certified Wind Power Offset. My other hair product line, All-Nutrient, is Rainforest Certified, uses raw ingredient harvesting which preserves and promotes the future growth of the environment where the materials are harvested. They ensure full transparency, traceability and quality of their ingredients by collaborating with world-leading green suppliers. They are free of petroleum-derived materials and harmful toxins and come in recyclable packaging. Products from my own personal collection come in glass or recycled paper packaging. My Makeup line is packaged in all eco-friendly, recycled paper and plastic containers or glass and are printed with non-toxic inks.

3. No Artificial Fragrances, All Natural Ingredients, No Animal Testing and No Carcinogens

RWBC has a strong policy on only carrying lines free of carcinogens, synthetic fragrance, or materials, and will not allow products tested on animals. Our products reduce the exposure to pesticides, unnecessary chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers. Certified through PETA, my hair and skin care is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. There are no sulfates, gluten, parabens, formaldehyde, MEA, DEA, triclosans, propylene glycol, phthalates, heavy metals, toxic materials, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, talc, toulene, or other harmful ingredients. There is little or no worry of hair, skin, or air pollution with these products. They do everything they can to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint.

4. Recycled Material, Bio-degradable Trash-bags

As I said, I source products that are made from recycled Material, but I do not limit those ethics to only hair or skin care products. Everything I use, including my trash bags are thoughtfully picked before I decide to use them. I could spend little money on cheap trash bags, but it is worth it to us to pay top-dollar for even garbage bags (that no one until now even knows I am using) that are made from recycled material and are bio-degradable.

5. Product Refill Program

Rooted Wellness + Beauty Collective, LLC offers an incentive to bring back your bottles (of select products) to be refilled at a reduced price. This saves both of us money, and prevents more bottles from being used or discarded of.

6. Recycled Gift-bags and Cotton balls

We are committed to not using plastic bags, unless they are upcycled. Some times we use fabric jaw-string bags, recycled Kraft paper or upcycled gift bags for shopping bags. Our cotton balls we use for gel-polish removals are either purchased as organic cotton, or are upcycled from opened supplement containers.

7. Reusable Nail Tools

Instead of using the common tin-foil wraps for gel-polish removals, we use reusable jaw clamps. We also use a crystal-file that can be cleaned, sanitized and re-used over and over. Another method RWBC uses is keeping nail-clients files or buffers in a designated bag that gets used on only them and can be used again on them at following appointments.

8. Non-toxic Sanitation

Mostly all salons use an extremely harsh chemical called Barbicide to sanitize their tools. Not us. We clean our tools in all natural soap, dry them off and place them under a UV lamp which sanitizes or sterilizes them. In fact it is even more effective then using the chemical. A bonus, it also saves money, which helps me keep my costs lower for you, especially being that a specialty organic salon and holistic healing studio usually can charge top-dollar.

9. Recycling Of All Packaging Materials

Any packaging that comes in from suppliers gets recycled. This includes those thin plastic bags. They get collected and once we have enough they are taken in to Metro Market's plastic bag recycling collection box.

10. Reusable Waxing Strips

RWBC has really thought of it all. Our waxing strips are made to be reusable. After each use, they are cleaned dryed and ready for the next. Ps, we only use this method on facial waxing and they get effectively cleaned!

11. Re-use Rubber Gloves

Yes, it's not the most convenient method, but as gloves are a necessity in this field of practice, we even wash, let dry and reuse gloves until they get holes or are not very useable or esthetically appealing. Extra sanitation precautions are taken for Covid 19.

12. Going Tin-Foil Free

I can hear my current highlighting clients saying, "But wait, she has used foils on me!" Yes, I have. This is because I will not waste. I have a pretty large stash of tin-foils to use up from the past, but I have several packages of eco-friendly, tin-free, highlighting wraps waiting until I run out of the old stash, so they can take the lead.

13. Reusable Washing Machine Detergent Egg

It's seriously the coolest thing and if you don't have one yet or never heard of it, you have got to make the switch! This Laundry Egg will change your life. It seriously WORKS, even though its hard to comprehend how! You can re-use it over and over and over again for 3-5 years before having to buy new pellets to refill the egg. It is incredibely cheap to buy and refill and will save on hundreds of dollars, containers and toxic chemicals going into the environment.

14. UV-Filtered Air

Our building has a UV-air filter, which cleans the air throughout the day. So even if there was toxic chemicals going into the air, they are not escaping to the outside environment. It also ensures that you are in an allergy-safe environment and have a low-impact by the air you're breathing while you're here. This has been put to the test because I have had a 3-D scan of my skull done and the Integrative dentist was expecting to find clogged nasal/air passageways as they see in all hair and nail stylists that come to their office. My passageways were completely clear. I completely attribute this to my switch to clean products, and our air-filtration.

15. Recycled or Tree-free paper Products

Paper-towels used at this business are made from recycled material, or tree-free materials such as bamboo and cornhusk.

16. Reusable Water Bottles

Since we have a dishwasher to sterilize the bottles, we use re-usable glass bottles and bottle our own water. Our water is double-purified and energized. Not to mention the glass bottles look really neat! If you love the bottles I use and would like some for home, these are the ones I use.

How can you help support? Choose to get your services done at my salon, and order products from me. This is an easy way to effortlessly take action, while supporting a local, small business and the environment.

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