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RWBC has spent countless hours researching, trying and compiling the cleanest products to use so that even the most sensitive can come here for services. All product lines RWBC carries are free of endocrine and neurological disruptors and are scented with pure essential oils and fruit essences. All products and supplements support the health of hair, nails, skin, and body. Promoting healthy hair grown, cleansing, and restoring.

Faith comes first and is what pushed RWBC into existence. RWBC is a Christ-centered business and you just might hear Christian tunes playing in the background. Maria might share stories about what God has done in her life but will never push beliefs onto anyone. Maria believes God created all things and said they are good. That includes energy, herbs, and crystals. It is up to us on how we use something. RWBC believes all power, healing, and wisdom come from God.

At RWBC Maria believes in being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Anything we take from the earth we should return. Just like when we leave a place or borrow something. We should always return it in the same if not better condition than before. RWBC recycles whatever we can and uses as minimal plastic as feasible. No products at RWBC are tested on animals. All products we use are in recycled/recyclable packaging and sourced from companies who support the rain forest and sustainability. Every little thing counts and that is why even our garbage bags are biodegradable. 

The RWBC Mission

Herbs and Minerals






Christ Centered


Environmentally Friendly

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