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I am a Certified Naturopathic Practitioner through Trinity School of Natural Health and Certified Through ULAN Nutritional Systems as a Food Coach. Natural Health is a whole-body approach without the use of drugs. Food is medicine and I am very well-versed in proper Diet, Lifestyle, and WHole-Food Supplementation for healing. I have an entire guided nutrition program to help you eat for your bio-individual Body. you can book with me here by sending an email to get set up, or Book through Langlois Vital Nutrition Center where I have a team of colleagues ready to help you get in your best health!

 Email me: harkholistik.rwbc@gmail.com


Healy Sessions

This is for clients who want a Bioenergetic Scan to receive the exact Healing Frequencies needed at the moment. Can be used for acute and chronic pain. These targeted frequencies work at the cellular level. When you schedule a Healy Session you will sit back, relax, and be hooked up to the Healy Resonance that has access to 144,000 healing frequencies.  It's a 2-inch square device that hooks onto your clothing and emits powerful healing frequencies. The session will last up to 60 minutes and during that time you can meditate, read a book or fall asleep while the Healy Resonance revitalizes your body - better yet get a Healy treatment while sitting in my unique "half sauna" with infrared light. The Healy device can also do in-depth Aura Scans with a report. **Ask me about my rentable device and purchase options for your very own to use at home!

Low Cost Blood Lab Tests

Infrared Sauna

Reap the benefits of an infrared Sauna Session without the need to get undressed, shower, and re-get-ready. This is a miniature cedar wood Far-Infrared Sauna that you sit in with your clothes (minus your shoes). Your head and chest are outside of the box. makes you feel like you are wrapped in a warm cozy blanket, but it does not make you sweat like other traditional saunas.

Hair-Mineral Analysis Testing

Shows how your body is absorbing and storing nutrients and elements. It can determine what metabolic type you are, deficiencies, and toxicities. You will receive a comprehensive report

1:1 Grocery Store Field Trip

Contact me if you need extra help navegating the grocery store for clean eating. You can bring me along for your very own grocery store personal shopping guide!

Food Sensitivity Testing

Mediator Release Testing is even more accurate when it comes to food testing and puts you on a strategic diet to work you past your food sensitivities in record time.

Shop Supplements Online

Use my Fullscript account to order supplements online. You can also send me a message for personal reccomendations.

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Thomas F.

“In just a few weeks with you my GI issues are essentially gone and I am feeling so much better. My energy has improved 50-70% already.” 

Kirsten M.

“Your method for food prepping has made eating and meal prepping so much easier! My kids love it too!”

Gerhard P.

“I am going to the bathroom every day now and leg inflammation is totally down.”
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