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Maria is a Board Certified Naturopathic Practitioner. She studied through Trinity School of Natural Health and the Loomis Food Enzyme Institute. Natural Health is a whole-body approach without the use of drugs. She does not prescribe drugs nor claims to treat, cure or diagnose disease. Maria loves to teach God's laws on how to govern our bodies through natural approaches. Only then can we reach our potential for wellness. Supplementation with herbs, enzymes, and whole-foods based supplements may be recommended to help aid your process. Please fill out a comprehensive client intake form ahead to save time. This can be downloaded by clicking the Client Intake button on the top right corner of the page or by stopping into the shop to pick one up. Maria will then call, set up a video chat, or have you come into the shop to do an initial consultation. During this consultation. There will be a post-consultation follow-up with findings and recommendations. 


Healy Sessions

This is for clients that want a Bioenergetic Scan and to receive the exact Healing Frequencies needed at the moment. Ideal for acute and chronic pain, including arthritic pain and overused muscles. These targeted frequencies work at the cellular level and have changed the lives of tens of thousands of people throughout the world. When you schedule a Healy Session you will sit back, relax and be hooked up to the Healy Resonance that has access to 144,000 healing frequencies.  It's a 2 inch square device that hooks onto your shirt. After a thorough but quick scan, your practitioner will connect appropriate electrodes for you to receive the targeted healing or pain relieving frequencies.  The session will last up to 60 minutes and during that time you can meditate, read a book or fall asleep while the Healy Resonance revitalizes your body. This device can also do in-depth Aura Scans with a report. 

Lab Testing

Ulta Labs

Analytical Research Labs

ALCAT or BIOMEDICAL TECH. Mediator Release Testing + Leap Diet


We Partner with Ulta Labs testing so that you can order blood-work at 1/3rd of the cost! This gives us useful information to determine the state of your health and areas of focus. Blood tests offer an important snapshot in time of your overall health. They’re also a good way to catch illness or disease early or see how well your body responds to protocols.       *Price Varies based on test

Analytical Research Labs is another Partnership that allows us to do Hair Mineral & Heavy Metal Toxicity testing! This is such a valuable tool because it shows how your body is absorbing and storing nutrients and elements over a period of time, rather than just the "right now." It can determine what metabolic type you are, deficiencies, and toxicities. You will receive a comprehensive report, plus additional consulting. Testing can be done on humans, pets, and water.  This is by far the most superior Testing and I recommend It for ALL CLIENTS.     *$100

ALCAT Testing is for Identifying food,  additive, and chemical sensitivities, Discovering Crohn's or other gene dispositions and mutations, finding out EXACTLY which nutrients your body needs so you're not wasting time or money on supplements you don't need, and also identifying the exact superfoods and herbs that jive most with your unique and individual body. 

*Prices range based on test/combination $159-562

Mediator Release Testing is even more accurate when it comes to food testing and puts you on a strategic LEAP diet to work you past your food sensitivities in record time. However, it is limited to testing 170 foods and chemicals.

*Price ranges $395-695 or $995-1295 for the test+ Dietary Care SUpport

pH Testing with RBTI Perspective

pH Balancing

RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization)


pH testing is a crucial way to find out how your body's digestion is truly working. If out of balance it can throw off all systems of the body. During a consultation or follow up, Maria may use Urine and Saliva Samples to determine the speed of upper and lower digestion. With this, she is able to triangulate and customize protocols for you.

*Incl. in a full Naturopathic Consulting program

Retesting/follow-ups, $45

RBTI is a 7 point test done on urine & saliva to determine whole-body health, predisposition Indicators, Function of digestion, and energy loss. Reams Biological Theory of Ionization is God's perfect mathematical equation for optimal health in humans. We will test your range and balance your numbers using food and specific minerals.


MRT (Applied Kinesiology)

Muscle Response Testing


MRT is a way to test your bodies reaction to something that could potentially help, hinder or have no effect on your healing. It can also be used to find out which areas of the body and organs need support. Organs, glands, supplements, food, and emotions can all be tested. Maria uses this technique to triangulate symptoms and suggest protocols custom to just you. These tests can be done on you, your baby and even your pet!


*Incl. in a full Naturopathic Consulting program or when purchasing supplements.

Individualized diet Lifestyle Plans

No one-size-fits-all


Custom recipe boards


With all the food trends and Fad diets out there it can be tricky to know what is right and what is wrong for you. How about we individualize a diet lifestyle for you based on your unique body's needs. Maria can do this by evaluating where you're at now and where you want/Need to be for optimal health. We absolutely have to take into consideration what illnesses and deficiencies you may be experiencing, and the results of your tests and pH.

*Incl. in a full Naturopathic Consulting program

You may also consult for just Diet/recipe board Suggestions, this price varies from $30-150*

Health Mate Infrared Sauna Sessions

1/2 Sauna


Reap the benefits of an infrared Sauna Session without the need to get undressed, shower and re-get-ready. This is a miniature cedar wood Far-Infrared Sauna that you sit in with your clothes (minus your shoes). Your head and chest are outside of the box. This is ideal because it is not preferred to heat up your heart, lungs and brain. This sauna is an excellent option for those with high blood pressure. With the Infrared technology, it heats you up from the inside and makes you feel like you are wrapped in a warm cozy blanket, but it does not make you sweat bullets like other traditional saunas. Best yet, you can rest your laptop on the surface and work, while you are relaxing if you work mobile. Infrared saunas are incredible for endless conditions and improve circulation and metabolism.

20 mins $20         30 mins, $25       1 hour, $45

Package Deals available**

Fridge & Pantry Re-haul

Swap this for that


 Success with a healthy diet/lifestyle change has to start in the kitchen. It takes a lot of dedication! We can easily be sabotaged by what is sitting in our fridge and pantry. Especially when blood sugar is low or we're stressed and emotional! Maybe you think you have a handle on what is healthy or not, but you could be misinformed. Don't worry, Maria is an expert in this field and has a lot of experience. Don't waste years figuring out what is healthy or not. Instead you can skip the headache and have Maria get you up-to-speed in 1 day. With a budget in mind, She'll do a big re-haul in your kitchen by swapping out all the foods that are hindering your new lifestyle, with new, healthier alternatives. Additionally, she will educate and prepare you to continue this way on your own in the future. All unopened items can be donated to a local food drive or homeless shelter.

Add on the Naturopathic Wellness Consultation  service to get more in-depth and to further benefit your success. 

  4-8 hours, $270*, travel charges may apply outside a certain vicinity*

See Video on Home Page

One-on-one Grocery Store Field-Trips

Your very own personal shopper


Making big changes in your diet can be so overwhelming, especially when it's time to hit the grocery store. You don't have to be alone in this! Take me along to the grocery store(s) with you and I will assist you on reading labels and how to best navigate the store for the most success so you're not wandering down enchanting aisles that will throw you off key. Let me help you find healthier alternatives and summarize your grocery trips so that you no longer have to sit in aisles for hours on end trying to decipher what is okay to eat and what should be avoided.

$50/hour, travel charges may apply.*

If there is something not listed here that you would like help with, please don't hesitate to reach out!  We can most likely work something out.***

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Naturopathic Consulting 

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